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Determining the Correct Size

Our beeswax candle covers are available in a variety of sizes and styles. This can get a little confusing if you are unfamiliar with trade terms so this page will give you a brief overview. 

First lets address socket sizes. 'Candelabra' and 'medium base' are the socket sizes that are found on most lighting fixtures designed for the US markets. Our larger diameter candles will fit over either of these sockets unless otherwise noted. Our smaller sized candle covers are designed to fit specifically over these sockets so it is important to choose the correct size. Here is how to decide:

The smaller sized 'candelabra' have a socket size of 3/4". This is the most commonly used socket on chandeliers and sconces.

The smaller sized ‘candelabra base’ has an inside diameter of approximately 7/8” (just over ¾”).  This narrow candle is the most popular size for chandeliers and sconces.

The larger sized 'medium base' has an inside diameter of approximately 1-1/4 " (just over 1 1/8”) . In the lighting trade 'medium base' may also be known as 'Edison' or 'standard'. If you need help in determining the correct socket size or candle height we have prepared a printable document to aid you in taking the correct measurements. Scroll down to see "Correct Measurement & Installation Guide".  We are also happy to send you samples of the plastic base material so that you can verify that the cover will slide over the socket.

Our Beeswax Collection

All of our beeswax candles are hand dipped on location in South Carolina and melted drips are then added by hand. None of our finished beeswax candles are the product of a mold so no two will look exactly alike. These are truly one of a kind. We also offer our beeswax candles with no drips for those who want a clean, contemporary look. The smaller candelabra and medium base are the most common sizes. However, you may decide that you would prefer a larger size to provide a more substantial look. For this reason we offer beeswax candles up to 4" diameter and up to 10" tall.

Candelabra, medium base and pilar are shown in the picture.

Please note that our beeswax candle covers are limited to 25 watt maximum unless otherwise noted.

Translucent Beeswax Shell

Our translucent Candle Shells are and are designed for the bulb to be placed inside the candle to produce a soft glow. You may also place a battery operated tea-light or votive inside for a glowing flame-less candle.

Our translucent beeswax shell is hand-poured beeswax with beeswax drips applied individually while the shell is still very warm.   The result allows light to glow through the wax as shown in the picture.  These shells are made of 100% beeswax.  Shells will work best with a low heat bulb.  Regular incandescent bulbs must be 7 watt or lower to avoid excess melting but brighter florescent or led bulbs are available.

Large Diameter - Pillars

When your sconce or chandelier demands a more substantial candle you may choose from our pillar collection. Our pillars are hand-poured beeswax with beeswax drips applied individually while the candle is still very warm.   Or you can choose a dripless piller for a smooth and sturdy looking candle.

Our large diameter beeswax pillars are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are available with either the candelabra or medium base.

Correct Measurement & Installation Guide